REWIND (age 16+)

   VISION: The Vision of REWIND is to reach and assist young adults who have already made bad choices in order to provide education and mentor services to overcome those choices and become or return to a productive part of society while also embracing personal responsibility, accomplishment and self purpose.   The program is designed to provide trades training, Educational support services such as GED tutoring and financial assistance for testing, explore avenues for higher education by providing college review and location assistance, college application assistance, FAFSA and other financial aid application assistance, Job placement, career counseling, life coaching, probation navigation assistance in the form of transportation and resource location assistance, budget and finance coaching, resume writing and interview training.   This program  is currently offered by appointment only.  Participants will be encouraged but not required to attend FORGE FRIDAY. 

  REWIND is designed to provide assistance, support, resources and resource location services for anyone who is currently ill prepared for a productive and fulfilling adult life.  The goal of the program is to assist emerging adults (age 16-28) with transitioning to career positions, by providing goal setting programs and assist them in achieving those goals.  REWIND Group meetings will be available in 2018 and likely scheduled for Monday or Sunday evenings from 6:30-8 p.m.  The REWIND group program will be open to anyone 18+ this program is similar to the FORGE YOUTH program in that it will provide a safe, substance free gathering space for young adults in similar situations regarding achievement and improvement of lifestyle choices. Successful REWIND participants will be encouraged but not required to give back to the organization by volunteering with high risk youth and teens to provide a relatable perspective from personal experience, thereby giving successful participants purpose within the organization.

Goal setting, accepting personal responsibility, learning acceptable social and cultural coping skills, and overcoming poor conditions or poor decision is the desired outcome of the REWIND program.   Call or Text Program Director, Holland Lewis at 443-859-4712 to schedule an intake or discuss how REWIND can assist you.  E-mail for more information